Back again. Think I’ll try this over. Don’t you love new years? 2015, who ever thought we all would live this long? I really thought the year 2000 would be it. lol. A new year always seems to me like a chance to start over; so here goes.

2014 wasn’t perfect but it was better than the year before. I’m still a mule in a mine, meaning we still live in a basement apartment like I NEVER thought I would. But I guess, like the old mine mules, I’ve accepted my situation and tried to make the best of it.

Got a little piece of carpet and a new to me couch and love seat (a really good buy at $150 dollars from some folks in a very spiffy house in the city) and a coffee table with matching end tables for $50. Our old couch was so worn out and one end table I used to have got broke in the moving around in 2013. Our ikea coffee table had been demoted to holding the TV. It all looks kind of nice now.


The pattern on the sofa I think is really of tulips but they remind me so much of the little pale purple prairie crocuses that bloom about the same time the calves are tiny and frolicking around their mommas and their little calf friends.

I was blessed to be able to put the bit of money I earned from my library job to good use and find such good buys on used furniture. Made even the basement kind of homey.


A Book

Spent the evening reading this book, recommended by my 21 year old coworker at the library. I like her.

Truth is, I couldn’t put it down. An odd sort of book, mostly the history of underwear, mostly in the Canadian west, influenced by world events and things specific to the area I have lived all my life.

But it has more, a view of life as a woman, generally. It was fascinating, full of truth, and gave me a lot to mull over. I would recommend it quite highly to all women.

Still Trying

I am trying. Trying to begin again, to let the past go. I do think it would be easier if the present was a little kinder to me. But it is what it is.

Happily, I am becoming more independent. Having my own money helps a whole bunch with that. I have a little part time job in the local library that gives just a little, enough to pay for my old horse to have a place to live. I wish it could be closer but at least now I can get to see him a few times a week.

I heard something interesting about being the adult who shows up to help the child in ourselves. Instead of waiting for someone else to be nice to me., I am nice to me.

I had a birthday with no present, no cake, not even a card, so I took the hurt little girl in me to town and bought her a rollo ice cream cone. It was delicious and I appreciated the kindness of the adult in me. I’ll be there for me and knowing that, helps.


Life on the prairie. I know there’s crocuses but I can’t quite walk out to find them so I’ll just be thankful for these tiny little buds of hope.


Mine Fever

Help! I used to get spring fever this time of year but i think it’s turned into mine fever. As my dad would say: I feel like a “fart in a windstorm.” Wanting to go a hundred different directions but in mines, you just run into walls. Aaaaah!!!!

3 weeks today since I broke my foot and at least 3 more weeks to go. Bleck!!! Well pretty soon I’m just going to get crabby. No. . . I’m crabby NOW.